Dr. Carlo Effenhauser

since 2012          Managing Director

Effenhauser Technology Consulting

Weinheim, Germany

2019-2020          Senior Director Automated Systems

CureVac AG

Tübingen and Frankfurt, Germany

2009-2011          Head of Enabling Technologies

Roche Professional Diagnostics

Mannheim, Germany

2006-2009          Director Technology Development Point-of-Care Testing

Roche Near-Patient Testing

Mannheim, Germany 

 2002-2006          Head of Technology Development

Roche Diagnostics Microtechnology Center

Rotkreuz, Switzerland

 1998-2002          Senior Project Manager Microtechnology

Roche Diabetes Care

Mannheim, Germany 

 1994-1998          Senior Scientist

Novartis Pharma AG

Bioanalytical Research Department

Basle, Switzerland

 1992-1994          Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ciba-Geigy AG

Analytical Research Department

Basle, Switzerland

 1990-1991          Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Nottingham

Department of Physical Chemistry

Nottingham, England

 1987-1990          Ph.D. Student

University of Zurich

Institute of Physical Chemistry

Zurich, Switzerland

 1980-1986          Study of Chemistry

University of Constance

Constance, Germany

Header photo: View from the east to Manaslu (left, 8163 m) and Manaslu East Summit (right, 7992 m), Himalaya, Nepal

© Carlo Effenhauser 2016